Changing The World
One Healthy Person at a Time

We are an Arizona nonprofit 501 C (3) corporation with a primary mission of providing medical care and associated services to those who cannot afford treatment or perhaps lack adequate insurance to address their needs. While the Affordable Care Act (often referred to as Obamacare) has extended insurance coverage to many people often the basic policies do not cover the patient’s needs, or there is a large deductible that has to be met before the coverage takes effect. A patient in need is a patient that should receive treatment. We have aligned ourselves with medical professionals that can extend the care necessary to alleviate the patients’ suffering. Our purpose is to smooth out the ridges between the theory that every American should have insurance and what is happening in the real world.


Your contribution or donation directly benefits the patient. In most cases, HIPAA rules permitting, we match the donor’s gift with the patient who receives the benefit and ask that the patient send a personal handwritten note to the donor explaining their gratitude for the assistance they received on account of their kindness. We believe compassion is one side of a coin; the other side is gratitude. Giving must be accompanied by receiving and that receiving should be expressed with gratitude because when people appreciate the efforts made of their behalf it is accepted with the proper attitude and everyone benefits.

Donate or Get Involved

As the fundraising arm of our parent non-profit company Caring For Humanity, we're able to accept electronic devices at our office (or a scheduled pick up) or monetary donations on PayPal via the Donate Now button to the right. If you'd like to volunteer your time, please give us a call at the number below.

Arizona Tree of Life
6005 South 36th St
Phoenix, AZ 85042