Build a Better Tomorrow

The Problem

One of the big computer companies you know was having trouble a few years ago. The economy wasn’t good, sales were down. The company cut its workforce with mass layoffs. We all know or have experienced that sort of thing. It had designed a new computer and had bet the company on getting the product released. They hit a glitch which was preventing them from releasing it. The engineers and designers tried everything but it seemed like it just wasn’t going to work out. In desperation, the company reached out to the different regional vice-presidents. They requested that each vice-president select one person from their region whom they thought was the brightest and most likely able to help solve the problem. Nine of the ten people selected were highly qualified engineers with all sorts of degrees and awards. The last individual had been with the company a long time. He’d had three years of college level engineering classes but never graduated. He worked in the service department. His job was servicing the grocery store scanners they use at the register and office computers.

Group of business associates looking and pointing at a chart put up on the wall

The Solution

The vice-president of his region noticed him after he survived a brutal series of layoffs and his manager selected him out of 70 other employees to keep. The customers loved him because he would show up and fix the problem without a lot of grief. If you were just hanging out with just him, he was the kind of person who could curse a blue streak and have an opinion. In a group, he was shy and withdrawn and wouldn’t say much of anything. All these people were flown in from around the country and converged on the problem. For almost two weeks they lived and breathed the problem, looking at seemingly every possible solution. The quiet service guy listened, watched, really only spoke when spoken to, but was otherwise quiet. No one else could figure out why exactly he was there. The team leader finally concluded the problem was not fixable and the computer wouldn’t get released in to the market. The team was depressed and as the leader started to say, “Ok, that’s it you’ve done a great job”, and basically giving up, the quiet service guy without the degree raised his hand. Everyone stopped and looked over at him almost forgetting that he was there. He cleared his throat and started talking. The room fell silent, all these engineers and really bright, gifted people were awestruck at the simplicity of the solution he presented. And that’s how that company survived. The release of that computer was wildly successful.

What's Next

That’s how we build a better tomorrow. Everyone no matter how accomplished or educated has something to contribute. Working together we can change the country and in doing that make it a better tomorrow.

Our nonprofit is geared towards the individual. We help the individual with their medical needs through an individual who makes a donation or gets involved to help us generate the revenue to treat those who cannot afford it.

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