Who We Are

Who We Are

The Question

When you look around do you feel good about the country’s situation? Are you concerned with the direction things have taken. Is this the world you envisioned when you were growing up? Is this the world you want your children or grandchildren to inherit?

The Problem

We are appalled by current events. The country has become more divisive, it seems that everyone is at each others’ throats. It’s not how it used to be. Now there are shootings at movie theaters and concerts, craziness that we never thought possible just a few short years ago. There are lots of theories as to why, but we attribute these things to the overwhelming stresses of rapidly evolving modern life. Jobs have been outsourced or automated, the economy isn’t good, and no one offers a reasonable solution. Since 2008 the rich have gotten much richer and most everyone else has not done so well.

The Path

We cannot directly change world events; but we can change our perspective from seeing the glass as half empty to half full – while looking for solutions. We are a small and diverse group of people who decided that although we cannot alter the situation in the mid-East, and don’t have first-hand experience with the mess in Ukraine, nor do know what’s going on in Africa; but we do have a whole lot of experience living and working in this country and can readily see ways we can make things better.

What We Offer

We understand the medical needs of patients. Healthcare costs have exploded. Employers used to provide health insurance; now they generally don’t. Even people with seemingly good insurance are faced with deductibles or events that are not covered. A medical emergency can bankrupt a family – not something that should be happening in this country today or ever. Our mission is to provide care for those who cannot afford it or have insurance that does not cover the problem. Few things are more stressful than a medical need that cannot be resolved due exclusively to monetary considerations.

Our Solution

The basic problem with most charitable organizations is the revenues available to continue the organization’s work and the overhead associated with the enterprise. We are working to create revenue streams that will fund our projects without an inordinate reliance upon individual donations. We do not pay salaries and dollars received go directly to benefit the people in need.

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Donate or Get Involved

As the fundraising arm of our parent non-profit company Caring For Humanity, we're able to accept electronic devices at our office (or a scheduled pick up) or monetary donations on PayPal via the Donate Now button to the right. If you'd like to volunteer your time, please give us a call at the number below.

Arizona Tree of Life
6005 South 36th St
Phoenix, AZ 85042